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Conscious Business & Leadership

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

I’ve been delving into the various thought leaders and groups that are part of the conscious business movement. The idea of awakening the conscience of business and its leaders resonates deeply with me. How can business make the world a better place? How can businesses prosper by creating products and services that positively impact everyone? And how can they ensure all individuals along the supply chain and the resources of the planet aren’t harmed?

A noble mission, but how do we as businesspeople and consumers support it? As consumers, we educate ourselves on the products and services we buy and the impacts of using them. As businesspeople, we can use our influence to speak up when we notice a process or practice isn’t aligned to these principles. It’s easier said than done in some work cultures, but sometimes we need to be the change we want to see in the world.

From everything, I’ve read I’ve created 3 simple principles to guide awareness and decision making when it comes to business practice. As conscious leaders, our intuition usually tells us when something is off. It can be feeling jarred by the way we see business is being conducted. Or how we see a co-worker, client or supplier is being treated.

If you hit that intuitional unease, here’s 3 simple principles on which to assess the situation & determine if you need to highlight where business is perhaps not being conducted as it should. Then it's a case of giving feedback through the right channels. These guidelines are also useful when assessing a potential employer and if you're going to feel good being part of their organization.

3 Simple Conscious Business Principles:

  1. The outputs we create will help people to live better lives

  2. Everything we do is aligned to respecting the planets resources & the welfare of all citizens

  3. Everyone in our supply chain is supported with a fair exchange of benefits for their time and creativity in a way that supports their wellbeing.

Conscious Leaders believe in these principles and create environments where they are fostered in how business gets conducted. They care about the effects the business has on everyone in the supply chain internally and externally, rather than focused primarily on growth, profit and shareholders.

Interested in the Conscious Business and Leadership movement. Check out more here - Supporting the Emergence of Conscious Leaders Worldwide

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