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Kathleen Keogh

My Approach to Coaching 

My process is focused on YOU and what you want to consciously create in your career/life. You may be at a point in your career where you need a change, or can't figure why you're not progressing as you'd like. You may feel stuck or lost, unhappy in your job and itching for something different?  You feel destined for greater things, but fear or competing demands for your energy is holding you back?  Or maybe you've been dealt with a crushing blow like a bereavement or divorce? Transformation is possible, if your desire for something better is strong enough. I've been there with my own life and career & I've learned so much &  use the wisdom gained and my coaching skills to help others.  I know that it's possible to create a career and life grounded in love and joy. 

I help you define the outcomes you want and the path to get you there. I support you in deepening self awareness and self confidence and through the inner work necessary to do so.  I keep you accountable to achieve the outcomes you want, while having empathy for what it's like to work through change. I get what its like in complex environments & navigating the sometimes harsh cultures and politics that exist in organizations.  The world is changing, business will change and leadership & culture within business will change too.  It may not happen overnight, but first we focus first "to be the change we want to see".  If this resonates with you, check out my Booking page and let's get started. 

Working from Home


This is a 15-minute zoom call where we have a quick consultation to understand your challenges and goals and you can get a feel of what it would be like to work with me.  After this meeting, I will outline how many sessions I think you will need to commit to, the cost and a timeframe for the sessions.


The number & frequency of coaching sessions is dependent on your needs.  Some individuals for example may require a session once per month on an ongoing basis, or you may just require 4 sessions to help you work through a specific issue.  The sessions take place over zoom at the moment.


By its nature, the process requires your commitment to following up on actions and practices in between sessions.  Otherwise nothing changes.  To ensure you are getting the value out of your investment, you will need to be committed to doing your own follow through in between sessions.


My commitment to you is to keep you accountable to what you want to achieve for yourself.  With the best will in the world, change can be difficult.  I will have empathy and compassion for you during the process but I will keep you accountable and you might hate me a little bit for that but you will be happy when you get past the humps.  While Coaching is not psychotherapy and does not deal with clinical issues, it is often a deeply personal journey.  I am committed to creating a safe and confidential space for your growth and development.

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Company Executive setting up her own Business

Kathleen has been very instrumental in helping me navigate my present and future life goals.
She is very easy to communicate with and understanding. She has a unique ability to
decipher your true wants and needs and assists you in setting out a path to reaching your

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Kathleen Keogh

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