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Kathleen Keogh

Programs, Workshops & Retreats

I create tailored programs that will work best for the challenges and needs of  your organization.


Mentorship Programs

In my own career, I gained valuable feedback from mentors that supported my performance, confidence and progression.   Having a formal mentorship program creates fulfilling and rewarding experiences for both the mentor and the mentee.  It also harnesses the experience and skills of your organizational talent to support the growth and development of your people as a whole. 


All organizations have had to adjust to new ways of working. The world of work is different, with a mix of on site presence and working from home. People managers have had to shift more and more from the sphere of "managing" to "empowering" and with that comes the development of new models of trust, enhanced listening skills and emotional intelligence to connect, coach and support your people effectively.  Team collaboration and social engagement are two areas that are challenged, I work with your managers to create retreats to help your teams get to know, understand and work together better.

The Healthy Happy Working Mum - Speaking Engagements

Wellness and supporting women's health is critical as it has a direct correlation on the quality of work outputs and performance. I am available to come and speak to your working mums.  I've walked the walk so I feel I can talk the talk, when it comes to dealing with demands of motherhood and parenting & managing career.  I will talk about my experiences, lessons learned and what saved and restored me to health and happiness. I speak about the importance about clarity on  priorities, how to manage your energy & ditch the guilt.  And the network of support you need to to be a successful working mum.

Empower Hour

Find solutions for a tricky work issue in a focused 60-min executive coaching session.

Testimonials from Consulting Clients

Working from a Laptop


COO Abtran

Kathleen delivered effortlessly with an air of calm professionalism and people across the business enjoyed working with her. I could trust her 100%.  Her attention to detail, documentation, follow up and communications were excellent. I would highly recommend Kathleen to any business leader requiring support/consultancy or coaching. 

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