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Case Study 1

Start up Business Planning



  • Start Up

  • IT Property Development and IT

  • Limited Resources

  • Functional Excellence 



  • Definition & documentation of the business plan

  • Plan to market


  • Business Plan 

  • Pitch Deck 

  • Customer Lifecycle

  • Key processes defined

  • Operating model

  • Pricing structure


  • A business plan and a pitch deck ready for investors

  • Better organised to manage leads and sales 

  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities

  • Clarity on the business strategy, objectives, financials,issues and risks and priorities

The founders of UPSPACE contacted me to discuss their business start-up.  At our initial consultation, they had some content and ideas for their business plan and had their branding and website completed.  They wanted support to finalize their business plan and pitch deck and to define their operational processes and key priorities.  I worked with the founders in a series of one to one’s and group meetings with their sales and marketing team to produce the definitive business model, plan and the key stakeholders, processes, and priorities.   

The final business plan and pitch deck had a comprehensive overview of UPSPACE, its market, objectives, and funding requirements.  A summary of the business plan focus areas are outlined below.  

Company Description, including Promoters, shareholders and Board, Advisors, Products and services, Long Term Aim of Business, Objectives, S.W.O.T. Analysis, Market Analysis, Marketing/Sales Strategy, Research & Development, Patents, copyrights, and brands, Product/Service Development, R&D, Staffing and Operations, Financial Projections, Key Assumptions, Cash Flow Projections, Sales Pipeline, Funding Requirements


 In addition to the pitch deck and business plan, I delivered the following as a consequence of getting to know their business and priorities:

A rhythm of the business structure (weekly and monthly meetings and agendas)

to help them manage their time and activities effectively.  
Roles and Responsibilities for both founders and employees to there was clear

delineation of ownership based on the skills and competencies of each person.


Process definition for their key processes:

The Customer Lifecycle
Customer Query Management
Business Development – Lead Generation
Site Assessment
Design & Plan Site Development
Site Development Planning
Site Build
Project Completion
Collaborator Fee Model
Client Pricing Fees Structure
Tools & reports required to successfully manage the business
Coordination of launch event in Talent Garden UCD start up Hub



Case Study 2

BPO Organization Strategy Development and Implementation



  • Irish BPO company

  • Govt & Utility Clients 

  • Focused on customer care and servicing end users



  • Clarity on location of physical sites for access to quality talent

  • A strategy for site location & investment

  • Ensure capacity management of people across sites to suit customer needs


  • Site strategy document agreed with SLT

  • Capacity Management  

  • Management of site upgrades, closurem new investment decisions


  • Consensus achieved with the SLT on charter & priorities

  • Site upgrades delivered on time and within budget

  • New site investment plans implemented 

  • Management of transition of clients across sites without disrupting business as usual

Abtran is a BPO organization that provides customer care and processing capability to clients like Electric Ireland, ESB, Irish Water, Irish Life Health and Government entities like NDSL, Suzi, Pobal and others.  

I consulted with the Abtran Leadership Team to support them on a site strategy to support their people operations for their specific clients across their 5 sites in Ireland.  The focus of the initiative was to define the strategy for their operations centers, 2 in Cork, 1 in Dublin, 1 in Maynooth and 1 in Sligo and to define which customer operations teams would be located in each location to support customer requirements and provide access to suitable talent from a recruitment perspective. 

 The key deliverables were:

A signed off Site Strategy Charter

A resource management process & accountabilities for headcount per site

Upgrade of the Cork Mahon site

Agreement on the clients and transition plan across all sites

Investment and build plan for the Sligo site


Case Study 3

ICT Operations Model Implementation





  • ICT

  • Strong brand but in start up mode of moving from delivery from B2C to B2B customers

  • Limited resources or capability within exisitng org

  • Set up operations for success

  • Provide a quality service to clients to achieve credibility in the market

  • Create and implement the operations model to achieve competitive advantage


  • New operating and staffing model implemented 

  • Process development and continuous improvement on SLA's

  • Outsourcing agreements 


  • Exponential revenue growth - the business won the large and medium market of the year award in 2017 based on new and existing revenue growth, EBIDTA, customer satisfaction and retention and employee satisfaction

Set up of the Digicel Business Operations

This piece of work focused on the organization structure required to support the new Digicel Business function.  This involved working with the leadership team to understand the business model, growth projections, SWOT analysis and to define a plan for success from a sales and operations perspective.  The building of the sales operations model, involved the creation and business case for the funding required for the recruitment, hiring and compensation of the necessary roles to build the organization.  This included the organization model, role definition & objectives for Pre-Sales, Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Service Delivery, Operations & Finance and involved the hiring, induction and training of 20 people into the new business operation over a 6-month period.  In parallel, a focus on the activities to be outsourced and a review of the service contractors and equipment providers and agreements were revised or initiated, as necessary. 


Case Study 4


Strategic Outsourcing



  • Multinational IT Organisation

  • Multiple outsourcing partners in manufacturing, logistics & warehousing globally



  • Moving from just focusing solely on metric management with outsourcing partners to strategic partnerships and how to set up a model to support this and assess partners fit strategically


  • Key partner competencies & levels agreed across the cautious functions. 

  • A process for fairly assessing partner fit operationally and strategically

  • Training & communication to Vendor Account Managers and Outsource Partners 


  • A simple yet robust model to support assessment, continuous improvement and validation of partners to influence outsource planning and decision making on a global level.


Case Study 5


New Supply Chain & System Implementation



  • Multinational IT Organisation

  • New product launch and an eCommerce solution for consumer gaming developers 



  • Define and set up the process, systems, tools and dependencies to support the new system and supply chain


  • Managing he development of the new process and system

  • Manage new outsource partner agreements and scope of work

  • Test, Go live and successfully handover


  • New supply chain and system successfully love, on time and within budget

  • 30% cost savings achieved on transitioning from an existing supply chain model and outsource partners

  • Positively received fr4om the developer community

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